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  Project: Term contract for the supply of 100 workers to maintain soft landscaping works and irrigation installation works on gardens, VIP Roads & Highways in the Muharraq territory

  • Maintenance & installations of irrigation systems

  • Trimming and pruning of all palm trees, other trees, bushes, ground cover, shrubs and hedges

  • Adding agricultural sand and fertilizers

  • De-weeding is done regularly to remove unwanted vegetation and weeds along with their roots

  •  Replacing the dead plants, and maintaining

  • Insuring that, each plant & tree is getting the sufficient and required water and treating the defective plants with an effective solution

  • Pruning of all date palms before pollination and after harvest

  • Topping up sand & organic manure is done for each plant

  • All areas are maintained tidy & clean up all the time

  • Daily checking the sprinklers, emitters and bubblers, valves etc. and well maintained

  • All works, including soft landscaping and irrigation system in accordance with the Municipality standards

  • Preparing the bedding, planting & maintaining the seasonal flowers