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Term Contract for beautification & maintaining of landscaping works on Sh. Isa Highway between Tubli & Um Al Hassam intersections and Sitra highway  

  • Trimming and Pruning of date palm trees, other trees, Washingtonia, ground covers, shrubs & hedges
  • Repairing and changing of defective electronic / manual values, pumps, motors, drippers, bubblers, emitters, flexible drip lines and maintaining irrigation net works. 
  • Adding agricultural sand and fertilizers
  • De-weeding is done regularly to remove unwanted vegetation and weeds along with their roots.  
  • Spraying & application of pesticides, fungicides to all plants, trees, grass, flowers whenever required
  • Maintaining & making good of bedding, replacing dead plants, ground covers, flowers, shrubs & hedges 
  • Insuring that each plant, tree, flowers, ground covers, gets the sufficient water and keeping clean of the garden areas.
  • Cleaning  between trees applying NPK, topping up sand and  adding organic manure